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"Our first rescue, Scarlet, was the catalyst and reason for founding Scarlet Oak Farms. Upon learning of her cancer diagnosis in 2017, I knew her legacy would live on through the continued rescue work we're dedicated to."

Jordan Pulido, founder

the farm

Scarlet Oak Farms was founded in 2018 by a couple of animal advocates in Ayden, North Carolina after learning the harsh realities of shelter adoptions and that our area was inundated with stray and relinquished animals. By partnering with local shelters, Scarlet Oak Farms formed to rescue as many homeless and stray hounds as possible. With our network of volunteer advocates, veterinarians, and donors; Scarlet Oak Farms is able to rescue numerous animals in our area every year.


Scarlet Oak Farms is fully incorporated by the state of North Carolina and organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes of companion animal rescue. The organization is not-for-profit and obtained 501(c)(3) status from the IRS in 2018.


Scarlet Oak Farms has successfully rescued animals from Pitt County, Craven County, and Beaufort County shelters. We work to take specifically hound breeds whose time has expired in the shelter's care and are at risk of being immediately euthanized. While we are mindful of not overextending ourselves, we take in as many rescues as possible while ensuring that all animals in our care are receiving proper medical attention, rehabilitation, and respect.

Board of directors

meet jordan

Jordan Pulido is the Founder of  Scarlet Oak Farms and serves as the Executive Director, running the day-to -day operation of the organization. She has over ten years of experience in retail store management and has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from ECU.

Jordan is undoubtedly a life long animal lover. As a kid, instead of playing with Barbie's (like most little girls) she would play vet clinic, pretending she owned a business devoted to the welfare of animals. With the formation of Scarlet Oak Farms, she is living out that dream! 


meet corey

Corey Pulido is the Co-Founder and Strategic Planner for Scarlet Oak Farms. Corey is employed full-time as a teaching instructor with the Miller School of Entrepreneurship at ECU. Corey is the guy for all things innovative. His mind works in incredible ways. His family has always owned animals since he was born and he is dedicated to the growth and success of the organization through networking fundraising, and advocating for the animals.


Austin Parker is the Treasurer and Financial Advisor for Scarlet Oak Farms. Austin works full-time in the banking industry with a passion for animals. With his MBA, he has the knowledge and skill set to help achieve our goals. After learning our mission and understanding what we do, Austin quickly became intrigued to be involved!


meet Nick

Nick Petraglia is our Volunteer Coordinator. He's also our cat whisperer. With two cats of his own,  Nick has true passion and the experience needed for our feline residents. Nick received his MBA in 2019 and now works full-time with the State of North Carolina. Nick not only runs our volunteer program but he is also the man power around the farm to help keep operations running smoothly.

meet TINA

Tina Williams is our Secretary and procedural expert. With over 10 years of rescue experience she bring a tremendous amount of knowledge to our organization. Tina works full-time at ECU and spends her spare time with animals. Tina has great attention to detail and a passion for animals that is undeniable. We are incredibly lucky to have her on our board! 

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