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Finding Inspiration in Every Wag

There is a common misconception that all dogs found in the shelter have been abused or mistreated, but that's not always the case. No matter the reason, the dog in the shelter, without being physically harmed or abused, goes through a lot emotionally.  Abandonment causes fear. Living in the shelter for any duration of time means, confinement, isolation, multitude of noises, strange smells, and a complete change of normalcy for a dog. Fortunately, dogs live in the moment and adapt readily to positive change allowing them to settle into their forever home within weeks.


All our animals have been rescued from local shelters or nearby streets. They all have a past we know nothing about, but one thing we do know, we are their future. #FOREVERHOME

To all the animals we have loved and loss:

"I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge."

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