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  • How did Scarlet Oak Farms begin?
    It's been in the works for a long time. We, the founders- Jordan and Corey, have always wanted a farm. The first business plan we did in 2009 was for an animal sanctary. We looked for land in 2009, but couldn't find what we were looking for so the project went on the back burner. Four years later, we moved into a home with 10 acres and thats when it all started!
  • How did you come up with the name?
    Scarlet Oak Farms was named for our first rescue, Scarlet. She was the catalyst and reason for founding Scarlet Oak Farms. We adopted Scarlet from the shelter in 2007 - she's now 12. We were under the impression she was a beagle mix, turns out she grew to be a 65 pound greyhound mix that spent most of her time laying around as a couch potato. Scarlet was diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma (cancer) in August 2017. We lost Scarlet in 2019 but knew her legacy would live on through the lives we rescue and the work we are dedicated to achieving. The Scarlet Oak Tree is a native species to North Carolina, where we're located. Scarlet's ashes are spread and woven into the roots of our very own Scarlet Oak Tree here on the farm.
  • Do you select the dogs/animals you rescue?
    We always say, the dogs find us! Some of our residents have been rescued from running down the street, others have been adopted out of the local shelters. Due to the nature of the cananie species, dogs run in packs. We do have to be cognizant of the personalities we have at the sanctuary, but ultimately we believe every animal deserves a safe and loving home so we will do whatever to help an animal in need!
  • How many animals do you currently have on the sanctuary?
    This number changes all the time, but we currently have six. With our new building our maximum capacity will be approximately 25 dogs and 8 cats.
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