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the PACK

There is a common misconception that all dogs found in the shelter have been abused or mistreated, but that's not always the case. No matter the reason, the dog in the shelter, without being physically harmed or abused, goes through a lot emotionally.  Abandonment causes fear. Living in the shelter for any duration of time means, confinement, isolation, multitude of noises, strange smells, and a complete change of normalcy for a dog. Fortunately, dogs live in the moment and adapt readily to positive change allowing them to settle into their forever home within weeks.

All our animals have been rescued from local shelters or nearby streets. They all a past we no nothing about, but one thing we do know, we are their future. These are their stories.



This tabby cat was born on the farm, 3 years ago, from Nola's last litter. Dos is sister to Uno man, another tabby cat at Scarlet Oak Farms. Dos is quite shy. She lingers in the background observing her surroundings before interacting with the others. 

lady bird

This beautiful blue tick coohound mix was rescued from the shelter in June 2019. She weighted close to 90 pounds and close to 4 years old. Lady Bird sat in the shelter awhile, being passed over several times. The shelter staff was actually surprised at her adoption success. She came to the sanctuary already knowing simple commands and maintains her gentle temperament.


This fearless tabby cat was rescued back in 2015. She was looking for her forever home and decided Scarlet Oak Farms was it. Nola is the mother to all three tabby cats- Dos, Shrimp, and Uno. The sanctuary lost Nola in early 2019 to a neurological disorder. She will always be remembered for her fearlessness and ability to rule the feline herd on the farm.  

scarlet o'hara

This greyhound mix was the first rescue to Scarlet Oak Farms. She was adopted from the local Humane Society in August of 2007. Ten years later, Scarlet was diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma in 2017. She spend the next two years fighting her cancer battle, receiving weekly chemotherapy treatments at the vet hospital. May 2019, Scarlet lost her fight crossing the Rainbow Bridge with us by her side.

charlie murphy

This walker hound mix was found in April of 2018 running in the middle of the street in front of the farm. She was emaciated, covered in ticks, with significant dental damage. Charlie was heart worm positive and treated with a series of vaccinations. Her transition into the sanctuary has been a slow process, but her loyalty and devotion to the process is evident.

Marla mae

This hound mutt was rescued the week before Thanksgiving 2016, wondering the roads by the sanctuary. She was completely emaciated, weighing less than 30 pounds, heart worm positive, and suffering skin/ear issues. Through all her treatments, Marla showed pure gratitude and affection. Marla Mae suddenly passed from what was believed to be Spontaneous Hemoabdomen.  She was the definition of unconditional love.


This wire-hair hound mix was rescued from the shelter in April 2019. She came weighing 46 pounds, approximately 4 years in age, with bumps, scrapes, and a sun-burned snout. Her transition from the shelter has been incredible. Roxanne's depression phase upon arrival was short lived and she integrated better than expected.


This tabby cat was the only survivor from Nola's first litter. She was born on the farm in the summer of 2016. She is the oldest of the current feline residents and makes sure her presence is known. Because Scarlet Oak Farms actively promotes spaying/neutering of all its animals, reproduction will no longer be possible for any of the rescues.

uno man

This handsome tabby cat is the sister to Uno and son of Nola. He is the only male resident on the sanctuary currently. Uno can be quite vocal at times and make sure his dinner is served at a specific time daily.